Creating bespoke commissioned artworks is a passion of mine. I find the process of commissioned artworks is quite similar to researching and immersing myself in a character for a live performance. I adore people and am fascinated by their stories. I find inspiration is everywhere, whether it comes from a colour palette for a home renovation, a desire to surround your home or office space with beauty, personality and meaningfulness, or seeking to gift something incredibly special to a loved one.


I love to listen to my clients and interpret their desires into a visual story on canvas. The process is really enjoyable and simple and I will guide you gently through it. 


Please get in touch if you have questions or would like to chat.

Tanja In Green (commission) 50cm x 100cm
Carita Farrer Spencer_Swim_insitu1JPG.JP
The Hamptons (Sydney home).JPG
Tanja in Dream (commission) 50cm x 100cm